I Hope I am Not Your Favorite Teacher

This is so spot on. It’s tempting, in a career, with few extrinsic rewards, to let these compliments feed the ego…but so much better to think of all teachers as a sacred community. We fail together or we thrive together.

Pernille Ripp

image from etsy

“Mrs. Ripp, you will always be my most favorite teacher…”

“…I will always remember you as one of my favorites…”

“You are the best teacher I have ever had…”

The comments from the kids, who I get to call my kids for another 4 school days, envelop me every day.  Words like love, best, favorite, most awesome wrap around our classroom as I get ready to release them from the cocoon of fifth grade.  I smile, thank them, and think, “But I’m not.”  I am not the best teacher ever.  I hope I am not your favorite.  I hope I am not the teacher that you loved most, because if I am then that makes me sad.  I am only a fifth grade teacher, which means you have years of “best” teachers ahead of you.  or so I hope.

I hope that the title of best teacher…

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